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City Island Stables

A New Chapter..


I operated the Riding Stables at Pelham Bay Park (“Stables”) under the name Bronx Equestrian Center, Inc. with my partner and long-time friend James F. Martyn (Jim). Jim has been a concessionaire at the stable since 1982. We became partners in 2005. While our partnership has been a great joy in both our lives, Jim has decided to retire. While I will miss seeing Jim so often, I view his retirement as a great opportunity to start a new chapter on my own and the Stables.

While I have been operating the Stables for the last many years, my relationship with the Stables started long before the existing License Agreement. I grew up on City Island and drove past the Stables often, begging my parents to let me take a riding lesson. After much nagging, I finally got to ride a horse at the Stables in the fall of 1975, when I was just 9 years old, and little did I know my life was about to change.

 Riding a horse was one of my very first goals in life that I achieved! Since my first experience riding at the Stables in 1975, I have dedicated my life to the care of animals and sharing the experience of riding horses with others. I have owned and cared for literally hundreds of horses and shared the experience of riding horses with thousands of guests of the Stables. Before joining Jim in ownership of Bronx Equestrian Center, Inc., I worked at the Stables for many years to pay for my boarding fees. In fact, performed every aspect of the business, including, but not limited to, walked ponies and gave riding lessons, taken guests out on trail rides, oversaw everyday business operations, purchased horses, equipment, hay, feed, and shavings. As a single mother of two, my children also had the great privilege of growing up around the Stables and witnessing the joy of so many people who came to ride horses. 

While I believe I have done a good job as an operator of the Stables, my vision for the Stables was limited by money and partnership. Operating the Stables on my own will allow me to make the investment and decisions I believe are necessary to bring the Stables to an all-new level.

One of the most important things to me when I think of the Stables, is that it remains an inviting place where all people can enjoy learning about horses just like I did. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity the Stables offered me to share my love of animals with the community.

Sharing the experience of horseback riding with others is the greatest joy of my career and why I love it so much. In launching this new chapter at the Stables, I believe certain capital improvements will make the experience for the public better and allow for more people to enjoy the Stables year-round.

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